Simple and functional

Plantvalue offers open and instant access to plant information. It is a simple, functional and flexible system to manage the essential data required to take the right decisions in order to improve the efficiency of any production process.



There is no need to program anymore, it is better to parameterize. Increase your efficiency with ITECH515 Solutions. Save efforts in the configuration of your projects and get results immediately.


Customers and partners

Do you look for a flexible and functional support service? Our partners are aware of the advantages of the software and take special care to offer customers constant and customized support by the Attended Service Program (ASP).

Why PlantValue?

Access for each asset

A different access is assigned to every asset of the system in order for you to choose what information is to be viewed by each user. You can also select the screens and the reports that a designated user is allowed to view. Furthermore you can name your elements with an alias.

Make your screens public

Choose the screens and the person you want to share the screens with: customers, colleagues or anyone else. It is as easy as to press a button and to decide the expiration date of the access. Do you know that it is actually as simple as to pass him/her the URL that the system will assign to you?

Secure copies

Make complete or scalable copies, but the important thing is that you do not miss any data of the system. Automate the management of the copies and enjoy the data whenever you need them.

Independent reports

Do not just use default templates. Make your own reports by means of an Excel Add In which allows you to manage your information easily whenever you want.

Data management through the Web

Use only your browser for your data processing, that is all you need. You can even run the reports that you have already prepared in Excel through the Web without any previous installation. Do you want them in Excel or in PDF?

Scalable solution

The professional version allows you to adjust the solution to your needs. Start with a name user and 100 tags and add more functionalities later on. Did your boss request you a KPI screen for him ? Enhance your decisiveness by sending him in 10minutes a link to view it.

Hot recalculations

Did you miss an alarm or an aggregator or for instance a calculation of the maximum value in a day? Did you program something wrong? Have you ever had a request to do a calculation based upon historic data? You can make a quick recalculation up from selected data and build all the data again while proceeding with the ordinary performance of the system What happens with the alarms and other already existing calculations? The system will restore them again so that any already existing data won’t be missed.

Industrial communication

There are many protocols in the industrial environment like:

  • OPC
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP
  • Signals 4 20mA
  • text files

which one do you need ?


Communication interfaces are redundant as the server. Thus, there is no need for you to worry about any software failure. We take care of the availability of the data so that you can focus your attention on the information provided by the system and in this way, be able to boost your efficiency.


Do you know how many alarms had occured during a day o during a period of time ?
According to the EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2, the average maximum acceptable rate is 150 alarms per day. The problem is that it is not possible to manage an average of 10 alarms every 10 minutes. What is the ratio allowed by your system? Use the drag and drop tool in order to know how to improve the quality of your alarms.


In situ solutions inside a demanding environment must be secure and robust. In ITECH515 we are clear-headed: data must pass through the filters of the most demanding security systems. Therefore, all the information goes through a unique port so that security measures like a firewall and other control tools are able to be introduced.

Only required data

The Exception and Compression systems which have been developed together with the Mathematic Department of Rovira i Virgili University URV allow us to guarantee that only the most significant information will be transferred from the original source to the final server to be stored there.



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