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In Itech515 we consider our partners as an extension of our global team and an integral component of our development and growth. Business partners represent a broad range of solutions and services in many regions of the world. Combining PlantValue with the experience of our partners allows us to help organizations achieve a better understanding of their data.

Our experience of industrial automation and information technology for more than 20 years combined with partner programs, supports business growth and confirms the successful deployment of the project. Our partner program includes alliances, distributors, OEMs, and technology alliances.

Expand your business

If your company is related to the industrial sector but has no differentiating effect to its competition, now is the time to introduce a modern application and amaze your customers.

We highlight the following advantages of being a business partner:

  • To be recognised as a certified integrator appearing in all the media where PlantValue is present
  • Growth in business opportunities with the manufacturer
  • To have manuals and procedures that are not provided to end customers or those who are not business partners.
  • Necessary training to implement solutions independently
  • Support for sales, installations and maintenance
  • Get a significant economic benefit

We invite you to send us an email and become a member of the international network of integrators:


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