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Flexible reports with ProData

Exploiting data in real-time allows you to make decisions in industrial processes.

ProData is an Excel complement and is designed to meet reporting needs. Microsoft is a standard platform standardized by most companies so it is very easy to get used to. Excel is also the most powerful, flexible and most used software in the world . No other program can compete with it in terms of features or flexibility. It is true that there are functions on the internet to get data, but ProData allows for the configuration of reports and templates based on different customer needs.


We are going to make your life easier

Companies use more and more complex systems to obtain the data they need in order to evaluate their productivity. But not everybody has the same possibilities. You can create for yourself, or have someone create for you, a template that you can understand and which returns the information you expect to receive. Run it whenever you want from your Excel program or upload it to the web so that you or your colleagues can share it and run it as often as you want. That easy, that simple.

Are you tired of trying new software?

As an automation team, we have downloaded hundreds of programmes that seemed to provide a solution to our questions. Many of them fall under the BI category (Business Intelligence). These are offered as free platforms but they make you carry out the development in accordance with all the calculations; this is not a very practical solution.

ProData retakes the concept of simplicity. It is fast, easy and comfortable. You do not need to ask questions to your colleagues or check their notes. It is a simple but robust graphical interface which allows you to set parameters for the information you need.


Do I require Microsoft Excel to view my results?

Microsoft Excel only needs to be installed on the server. Via your browser, you will be able to call out the reports you prepared previously selecting a new time period; in just a few seconds, you will get your results in PDF or Excel format. With no other requirements. With no other tricks. With no other complications. You will be able to analyse, in a fast and easy manner, all the assets of your company from any peripheral device, just using your favourite browser.

Give yourself the chance to enjoy technology and the Internet revolution to diagnose ‘hot spots’, flow meters which do not give the correct measurements, pressure and temperature levels, water condition, laboratory results, motor maintenance periods, actions by month, PID evolution…

Attach a report before and after an event for the people you deem necessary. This is what facilitating and enjoying industrial software means. Are you still one of those people who access the system to check the status of your assets? We would like to invite you to practice the ‘No news, good news’ philosophy.

PlantValue ProData & ProManager

Operating System

Windows Server 2003 32/64 bits
Windows Server 2008 32/64 bits
Windows Server 2008 R2 32/64 bits
Windows Server 2012 32/64 bits
Windows Server 2012 R2 32/64 bits
Windows XP 32/64 bits
Windows Vista 32/64 bits
Windows 7 32/64 bits
Windows 8 32/64 bits
Windows 10 32/64 bits
Languages: English & Spanish tested

MS Excel

MS Excel 2003 32 bits
MS Excel 2007 32 bits
MS Excel 2010 32 bits
MS Excel 2013 32 bits
MS Excel 2016 32 bits


Via only one port
Firewall via software
Different Architecture
Industrial Communications


Excel Add-In
Tag Manager
Exploitation data
User Authentification
Allow Filters
Max results Customized
Calculations customized
Manual Input
Dynamic Ranges
Customized Dates
Audit Trail

Additional Requirements

MS Excel


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