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Alarm Control System

Alarm processing in real time allows to solve problems in a production plant.

It is essential to bear in mind that whenever the capacity of answering of an operator is exceeded, some alarms will be dismissed. Therefore if it is not possible to prevent some important alarms from being dismissed , this may lead to a serious accident.

Following professionals are likely to require this service:

  • Instrumental Operators
  • Electrical Operators
  • Head of Departments
  • Technical Control Department
  • Environmental Department
  • Security Department
  • Quality Department

Therefore, KPI´s alarms screen allows and helps:

  • To develop, take and maintain an alarm philosophy in order to establish the criteria for their right implementation and modification.
  • To gather data of the Alarm System and create a reference point in order to compare and to be able to do an alarm test.
  • To solve the most recurrent alarms: Experience shows that a reduced group of recurrent alarms use to cause a high average of the total load. This correlation is pointed out when just 10 alarms cause a 20% or 80% increase in the total load of the system. Thus, it is convenient to correct them in time once they have been detected.
  • Knowledge, classification and documentation of the alarms: It consists of reviewing all alarms, their configuration as well as their function in order for them to comply with the philosophy developed at the first point. It is a work which may require a high investment in terms of cost and time. The documentation of the alarms is an essential requirement to make the Master Database for it collects all the updated information ( configurations, settings, priorities, etc ) of each alarm of the system.
  • To install the Alarm Management in real time.
  • To control and maintain the system improvements: The processes and systems as well as the sensors in any plant are subject to changes as time goes by. Because of this, alarms performance will be updated according to those changes. Alarms which perform properly at present, may become troublesome or perform inappropiately in the future.


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