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We are confident that our solutions can be integrated for new customers and can increase revenue. There are many occasions when the manufacturer does not have enough experience to develop software aimed mainly at niche chemical, oil, water, food and energy companies. Often inappropriate or complex systems are installed.

Our aim is to find companies for industrial automation, analytical integrators, consulting and engineering firms who work for the industry to allow their clients to use their data on any device, without affecting the operation of the plant. They can display information, make dashboards available, meet emissions, air quality and waste water regulations, have KPI, assist in maintenance processes (engine hours, number of pump starts, etc. ) and control alarm events for a correct diagnosis of the plant according to ISA 18.2 standards.


Supported by the PlantValue team, the business partners benefit from industry knowledge, report templates, contacts and support actions in which the company will be aware. All business partners are part of an international network that will benefit from with the experience of the manufacturer and a profit margin for their efforts.

It is our goal to have business partners involved in our products and to provide high quality customer care. That is why we want to provide differential treatment for partners with greater involvement, in addition to discounts to those who deserve them.


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